iPhone 5S Touch ID seems to be having some accuracy issues

The idea of a fingerprint scanner in a phone didnt exactly recieve a warm welcome with the masses as in the case of the HTC One Max with its rear mounted scanner.But Apple figured thing out and came up with Touch ID  for the 5S.Compared to other systems its easy to setup and convenient to use,most of all it works without any issues,Well so it seemed.Recently a growing number of users have complained that the fingerprint recognition gets worse over time.

The users facing this problem say that in the initial stages Touch ID works just fine,but after a few weeks it starts to fail to recognize their fingerprints.Starting over from scratch seems to solve it,but only temporarily,as the problem resurfaces again.Not everyone has this issue though,but its not an isolated incident anymore.

There could be an issue with the way Apple is trying to improve Touch ID by gathering data from each successful authentication to make Touch ID more accurate,this could be causing some problems in the long run.