Samsung said to fire up the conveyor belts for the first batch of 1.5 million Galaxy Note 3 Lite units

1454937_3672234460548_1862279153_nWe heard that Samsung is preparing to launch a bunch of new handsets in the first quarter of next year, including a Galaxy Note 3 Lite version, and the venerable Galaxy S5. Now some more info has trickled down on the more affordable Note 3 variant, which is expected to have a 5.7″ screen, and a more modest 8 MP camera, compared to the 13 MP shooter the original sports.

Samsung has apparently started its production today, with the manufacturing goal to make a million and a half Note 3 Lite handsets by the end of February. The mobile division has set its eyes on the aim to hit 30% of the total Note 3 sales with the Note 3 Lite, hoping… it will go to people who want the stylus-wielding phablet, but the flagship price tag prevents them from getting it.

The screen is expected to be an LCD one not the expensive Full HD AMOLED panel that the Note 3 flaunts, which is in line with what Korean media reported, saying that Samsung is considering the switch from OLED to PLS-LCD for all but its most premium devices. Also likely is that the Note 3 Lite will use the metal mesh touch layer that Samsung and LG are introducing, which will further lower cost, and allow to have a stylus pen input without a digitizer present. The Note 3 Lite is likely to be introduced to the world at the MWC expo at the end of February, which will give the Note 3 sales enough run time in order to avoid cannibalization of the premium phablet sales.