HTC One in 24K gold

HTC-One-Gold-Edition-3With this particular HTC One, it’s actually sporting 24-carat gold plating! And we must admit, it definitely gives the flagship phone one nice luster. So what else can we say about it except that it looks almost exactly like a slab of gold bullion from the rear – save for the prominent HTC logo that’s slapped on there as usual. Even with the 24-carat gold plating, we don’t notice much of a difference in its weight or construction. And obviously folks, it’s sporting the same hardware under the hood – so it’s nothing more than a cosmetic difference with this particular model. From what we’re told, HTC is only producing 5 units of this 24K gold HTC One. No doubt it’ll impress many people, especially when it’s valued at $2500 a pop!

Fortunately for all of us, HTC is giving everyone the opportunity of winning the prized device. HTC is asking you, starting today, to upload a picture onto its website via HTC.com/NYC, or by sending a tweet to @HTCUSA with the hashtags #HTCinNYC and #US in one tweet. You can also send in your picture via email to NYC@HTC.com along with your first name, last name, country, and email address. Another way to enter the contest is to visit HTC’s ambassador in Times Square at certain times and dates. Each picture uploaded gives you an entry in the weekly drawing and one entry for the grand prize. Certain pictures will also be displayed on one of the famous Times Square display boards. There will be two grand prize drawings, one on December 27th and the other on January 3rd with the winners each receiving the 24K gold plated HTC One.