Ubuntu to power a high-end smartphone by next year

Ubuntu touch is strengthening its foothold in the smartphone OS battlefield,Ubuntu Touch will transition from an after-market OS to an out of the box OS in 2014 as Canonical’s Mark Shuttle worth announced there’s a hardware partner on board.The phone will hit the market next year.Which company will make this new phone is however is unclear at the moment.

Other than the unknown hardware maker, Canonical has deals with Vodafone, Verizon, Deutsche Telecom, T-Mobile, 3, EE, KT, SK Telecom and PT.

Ubuntu has been running,and can run on a lot of devices,but it installing it requires a little advanced know how.What Canonical is trying to do here is to snatch the market share from the other players by selling a phone with the OS preinstalled

An interesting thing about it is that it supports Linux apps, it can run Java-based apps a la Android and even web apps like competitor Firefox OS. Shuttleworth sees one of the main advantages of Ubuntu Touch is that, basically, it’s not a Google OS.

Android seems to be getting less open with many apps having closed source versions of the Play Store.Android itself being a open source OS.Google seems to be trying to push its users towards its money making services.

Ubuntu Touch on the other hand promises to be open source and and bring services from the likes of LinkedIn, Baidu, Facebook, Evernote, and Pinterest to the forefront as more than just shortcuts on the screen.

We might see a bit of a fight between the Operating Systems next year.Firefox OS,Sailfish OS,Tizen and now Ubuntu Touch.All of these are open with some new and intuitive UI’s.Lets wait and see what they have in store for us.