GTA V for PC coming very soon?

Up till recently Rockstar didn’t have to say anything about “GTA V” on PC and they didn’t reply or answer any questions related to that on Social Media. Now however they have suddenly started replying to everyone with the following message “Keep an eye out for info on that on our newswire page: http://www.rockstargames.com/newswire “.

Rockstar hints about GTA V coming to PC Very soon
Rockstar hints about GTA V coming to PC Very soon

Our bet is that it will be a big “GTA V” PC announcement, but there is always the chance that Rockstar finally decides to not go ahead with that. However we are fairly sure that a Next Gen Port is also coming soon. We have seen alot of rumors that claims that GTA V will be ported over to Next Gen systems. We will have to see what Rockstar is planning to do in the upcoming weeks. Hopefully they will release the PC version of GTA V for the PC community very soon.

Stay Tuned as we will report on this as the story progress.