LEAKED : Nokia’s Android Normandy

UPDATE : Nokia’s Android phone appears in prototype form,another picture of the phone has appeared on Twitter, showing an apparent “engineering prototype” with a prominent back button and the Nokia logo on a live screen.

This image shows a phone that, despite a protective case hiding some of its details, looks markedly similar to the leaked images released in November and January. According to sources familiar with the project, the phone will use a forked version of Android, and a custom UI that has elements incorporated from both Windows Phone and Nokia’s low-end Asha range.

The Normandy project was previously considered in limbo after Nokia’s purchase by Microsoft.They were reportedly experimenting with Android before their acquisition, but the thought at the time was that they wouldn’t want to release a phone that would rival their own.

This prototype could simply be an old model, or it could suggest that the Normandy project may not be on hold after all, we’ll keep you posted on the developments regarding this phone.

We got a couple of rumors earlier hinting about a Nokia Android Device codenamed Normandy. The first examples of its user interface are now starting to emerge. Evleaks has posted an image of Nokia’s custom Android implementation, with three examples of how the smartphone maker has tweaked the UI.


A Skype app can be seen running on one device, and the phone dialer from Viber and a lockscreen with notification center are shown on the other devices.

The UI appears to be a mix of Asha and Windows Phone elements, with hardware support for dual-SIM as shown in the leaked image. It’s not yet known whether Nokia’s Android device will ever be released. While the company has been testing it as a low-end option in its device range, Microsoft’s Nokia acquisition leaves the project in doubt. Microsoft is expected to close its Nokia deal in the coming months, at which time we’ll likely learn Normandy’s fate.

So what do you think? Will a Nokia Droid ever come out? Let us know in the comments section below.

Source : Evleaks