Audi introduces Android tablet which can control in-car infotainment

Yes you did read that correctly, At CES 2014 Audi announced plans to jump into the android tablet business.

The premium automobile maker has now taken the veil off the 10.2-inch full HD Mobile Audi Smart Display, a Tegra 4-powered Android device that utilizes a heavily-skinned launcher designed with car use in mind. Audi had already announced they are participating in the Open Automotive Alliance, and the Smart Display is apparently their first attempt to combine the power of Android with their automobiles.

You probably won’t see this tablet in stores, and instead it will likely be an “optional” accessory when purchasing select Audi vehicles.

So what exactly can this “Smart Display” do? Well you could play a game of Angry Birds or Asphalt 8 thanks to play store support and browse the web with support from AT&T’s provided LTE. Aside from that the tablet will also be able to connect to the car’s infotainment system allowing it to control audio, navigation, climate controls and more. You can also play content from the tablet over the car’s speaker system, which is nice.

Obviously Audi designed the tablet to be used primarily in the car, and as such it is capable withstanding extreme temperatures that range from as low as -40 and as high as 176 degrees Fahrenheit. Of course, nothing can stop you from taking it out of the car and using it elsewhere.

Audi has yet to detail all the specs found in the Smart Display, but at least we know its Tegra 4 should be capable of providing a reasonably high-end tablet experience. On the downside, the tablet is a bit chunkier and has larger bezels than most tablets we see in the market.

Well they never mentioned how much it costs to add the Smart Display when purchasing a vehicle from Audi, But it won’t be cheap, that’s for sure.What do you think of think of the Smart Display? Is it a good idea or not?