LEAKED : HTC M8 home screen

So far in HTC M8 news this week, we’ve had the opportunity to check out a number of images claiming to reveal the upcoming flagship. The first one quickly caught criticism from an HTC exec, and the next two to to arrive presented some believably problems of their own. Is it too much to ask for a trustworthy look at this Android? We’re still waiting for a glimpse at the hardware worthy of putting some faith in, but in the meantime a new image of the phone’s software has arrived, apparently revealing the M8′s homescreen, complete with the next phase of Sense.


Sure enough, the expected virtual buttons are in place, and unlike yesterday’s images, this time we get some proper transparency.

But is this new image legit? Despite coming from @evleaks, with his great track record behind him, there are a handful of red flags here that give us pause. First is the resolution: at 1023 x 1820, it’s in the 1080p range, but about five percent smaller. Still, that might be explained by scaling the screenshot prior to publication.

We will have to wait for the Official launch to clarify this issue.

Source – @evleaks