Nokia changes its Facebook and Twitter pages green,Possible hint to Anroid?

The color of Nokia is blue, a nice serious deep blue. Well it was until recently anyway. Just a few hours ago Nokia changed the color of its Facebook and Twitter pages to green. Not quite Android green, but green nonetheless. Are Nokia playing with our minds? What is going on here? Could Nokia be dropping hints about its rumored Android powered smartphone?

Rumors have been circulating about an Android powered smartphone from Nokia since late last year. At first the idea seemed preposterous. Nokia was just bought by Microsoft and Microsoft has its own mobile operating system (Windows Phone). Why would Redmond let its new acquisition release an Android phone? But over the weeks the rumors have persisted and the alleged project even has a codename – Normandy. Even the Wall Street Journal got involved and recently it published an article saying that Nokia will release an Android powered smartphone at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) later this month. However the Nokia Normandy isn’t just a plain vanilla Android phone but rather it is Android with Google stripped out and Microsoft/Nokia placed front and center. It is likely to even have its own app store (à la Amazon).

A few weeks ago Nokia sent journalists a mysterious invite for a press event it will hold during MWC. The invite was to meet Nokia “under the tree” and of course since leaves are (generally) green, the invite had lots of green on it. The green from the leaves is a little different from the green now adorning Nokia’s social media pages but the invite generally had a green color to it.

Green has been traditionally associated with renewable energy and eco-friendly initiatives, so this could have absolutely nothing to do with Android. Trees and leaves etc. also have an ecological theme, so Nokia could be announcing something completely different.

What do you think? Is this just a coincidence or does Nokia have an Android related surprise up its sleeve.