Toshiba aims to launch 5TB hard disks this February

Keeping up with the competition, Toshiba unveils its upcoming large capacity hard drives, with samples coming as early as before the end of this month.

Toshiba may well not have the title of owning the largest data-capacity hard disk to date, but at least it is not getting left behind. Among its latest HDDs, the company has recently revealed their own set of 5TB hard drives, competing directly with Seagate and Western Digital’s upcoming large capacity HDDs.

These 1TB platter 3.5-inch hard disk drives have 24 percent faster read and write speeds, and have 20 percent higher energy efficiency rates (compared to their latest HDD models). Designated as the MG04SCA (SAS) and the MG04ACA (SATA) series, these HDDs will have their first commercial debut anytime this latter half of February, or at least sometime before the month ends.

Last year, Western Digital’s subsidiary HGST actually unveiled the world’s firs 6TB HDD, which is currently the largest capacity 3.5-inch hard drive. Their high-storage capacity HDD is also the first one to be helium-filled, giving it an ample boost in its overall mechanical efficiency. These HDDs, much like other ultra-large capacity HDDs, were catered for nearline storage systems, generally to be used in data centers, servers, and other similar establishments.

Both HDD series have a rotational speed of 7,200 RPM. The SAS and SATA models have a buffer size of 64 and 128MB respectively. The HDDs would also have the standard Sanitize Device feature, allowing easy full clean sweep of the HDD.

Toshiba also stated that it doesn’t use helium for the new HDDs.