LEAKED : Images of the Upcoming HTC M8

The latest leaked images of the HTC M8 could be genuine, if one insider is to be believed.

We’ve seen several M8-related “leaks” surfacing over the last couple of weeks, though some of them have been shot down by people who are supposedly familiar with HTC’s new lineup. Among them is Shen Ye, an UK-based ROM developer and producer for XDA-Developers TV, who has a good reputation within the HTC community and has made accurate predictions related to HTC devices in the past.

The latest two images that supposedly show the HTC M8 surfaced on Google Plus, seemingly showing the device in a dark grey/gunmetal finish. We see the dual-tone flash that’s almost guaranteed to make an appearance in the actual product and that mystery secondary camera on the back of the device. On the front, we see the HTC logo in the middle of the rather sizeable “bezel” below the display. We’ve seen this feature in other pics, as well in the leaked press shot of the upcoming Desire 8, a new mid-ranger that HTC will presumably unveil at MWC.

Shen Ye commented on Twitter that the shot is real, and deemed the render that Russian websiteHTCFamily made based on it, as close to the real thing. Here’s the render:

The same Shen Ye said in the past that the HTC M8 would come up in four color options. Now the developer extended the range to five, adding gold to the previously rumored silver, dark grey, red and blue.

While it’s fun to comment on rumors and leaks of varying credibility, we’re still pining for some official clarification on this. According to HTC execs interviewed by Reuters last week, the invitations for the HTC M8 launch event should pop up in journalists’ inboxes in about a week. According to @evleaks, the device will launch in New York, sometime in late March.

The successor to the HTC One will come with a 5-inch Full HD display and probably an improved UltraPixel camera. Just like with the physical design of the M8, there won’t be major changes on the software side; we expect Sense 6 to bring refinements to BlinkFeed and the other features that HTC introduced last year on the One.

Source : HTCFamily


UPDATE : HTC M8 Leaked in Grey and Gold color variants

Apparently when it rains All New HTC One leaks, it pours.Another image of the All New HTC One has made its way online,and this time its gold!

Posted by @evleaks, the latest leaked image shows the All New One in a dark gray color, which is the second color that we’ve seen of the three that its rumoured to be coming in. The third color that’s been tipped is silver.

Outside of the color change, this gray All New One looks just like its golden sibling. The device features on-screen buttons, two rear cameras and front-facing BoomSound speakers. The overall design of the New One is fairly similar to the OG One, but HTC’s 2013 flagship received quite a bit of praise for its looks and build quality, and so it’s probably not a bad thing that HTC is adopting a similar design for its new flagship.