LEAKED : Apple iPhone 6 Front Panel?

MWC just ended and soon before the Hotness of that ended, we get some Alleged Leaked Photos of the iPhone 6 which is said to be launched this year.

Leaked iPhone 6 (www.androdollar.com)

In the leaked image, we see the iPhone 4S, iPhone 5/5S & Alleged iPhone 6 Front Panel. The leaked panel doesn’t seem to be having any bezel, allowing for a notably larger screen to fit in the same footprint. However, we assume that the new panel can only accommodate a 4.3”-4.5″ display – far smaller than the initially rumored 4.8”-5” (and 5.5″ at one point) screens.

Of course that might be just one of the prototypes Apple is testing or there could be more than one new iPhone like last year. We know Apple is heavily in to testing out different models before launching it. There’s also the chance that this is an elaborate fake, so take it with a pinch of salt, but if legit the photo shows that at least one of the upcoming Apple smartphones will still be firmly planted in the compact territory. If this is real the Bezel-less iPhone that you all wanted be here.

iphone6 (www.androdollar.com)

Source – Nowhereelse