Sample Photos taken with the Galaxy S5 look Impressive

One of the major and important change on the Galaxy S5 is the camera module, it is a 16-megapixel and acquired a number of new modes that were not available in any model of the company before.

The Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 3 had Great cameras and offered stunning detail and image quality with their 13MP cameras, so we were naturally expecting the 16MP sensor on the S5 to be even better.


The guys over at Mobile-Review has got their hands on a few camera samples of the Galaxy S5, and they indicate that Samsung has indeed achieved what they wanted. They state that,

The first thing you notice is the speed – everything happens very quickly, literally instantly. No slow downs, the camera starts instantly. During the presentation, said that the autofocus works with the speed of 0.3 seconds, the feelings, it’s just fast – much faster than previous devices. Unfortunately, to shoot at the camera could only indoors, so my pictures do not convey all the capabilities of the device, is a special case.

The samples offer a look at many of the different camera modes on the Galaxy S5, including Selective Focus (allows to focus on a particular part of the image, both during and after taking a picture), Panning Shot (takes a series of shots and mixes them together, while keeping the main subject in focus in the center), Drama Shot (captures multiple images of a moving object and merges them to show different positions of that object in the same photo), and HDR+, which is an improved version of standard HDR and looks to have been put to good use on the Galaxy S5. As one would expect from a 16-megapixel camera, the detail captured is rather high, and the amount of digital noise is pretty much non-existent (Not sure about Low-Light yet).

Hopefully, low-light performance is also great. That was the main problem with S4 and Note 3. Hopefully they would have done something to improve the quality.

Check out some of the camera samples below and I have no doubt that you’ll be impressed. You can head on over to the Source link to take a look at the full gallery.

Galaxy S5 - www.androdollar (1)

Galaxy S5 - www.androdollar (1)

Galaxy S5 - www.androdollar (2)

Galaxy S5 - www.androdollar (2)

Galaxy S5 - www.androdollar (3)

Galaxy S5 - www.androdollar (4)

Galaxy S5 - www.androdollar (5)


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Source – Mobile-Review