Windows Phone 8.1 to support USB OTG?

USB OTG (On The Go) is one of those features we wish every phone had. Almost every Samsung Phone has it, followed by the Nexus devices and other phones by other Manufactures like Sony but Running Android. Currently we don’t have that feature on the Other 2 Major Platforms, iOS & Windows Phone. After all we wish that both of these OSs can implement it. So it goes without saying, having this feature is really Cool.


Former Microsoft employee Nawzil Najeeb is claiming that his device running Windows Phone 8.1 recognizes USB connections to the handset. He sent out the Following Tweet earlier.


To use USB OTG, you will require a USB OTG Cable, which can be bought for a very low price on Ebay/ Amazon. Below is a image of a USB OTG Cable.


In theory a full USB OTG implementation would support cameras, USB Flash Drives, Mice and Keyboards. We will have to wait and see how well Windows Phone will implement this feature. If USB OTG is going to be there, we are definetly getitng a File Manager along with it as well. This is a step in the Right Direction for Windows Phone and this will make more and more people to buy a Windows Phone.

Source – @Nawzil8