Google releases Android Wear Developer Preview

Google has announced Android Wear, its modified OS that brings the power of Android to smart-watches and other wearable devices. Google will be working with consumer electronics makers and other companies to bring a lightweight and fast version of Android to wearables everywhere, and it all starts with smart-watches.


In a post on the official Android blog, Google names HTC, LG, Asus, Motorola and Samsung as some of the first official partners, as well as chip makers like Broadcom, Imagination, Intel, Mediatek and Qualcomm. Even traditional watch makers such as Fossil are joining the alliance, and the first of these smart devices will launch later this year. Developers can get started as of today preparing their apps to work with future Android smart-watches, and Google promises that new APIs and features will be revealed in the months to come, to further enhance what’s possible with Android-based wearables.  Android Wear will support both the traditional square smart-watch face we’re familiar with, as well as round designs.


With Android Wear, Google is pushing Google Now even further. From the design of the UI to the way we can interact with the device is all based on Google Now. Google Now will track your location and give you proper suggestions and it will give you glancable information when needed. You can also interact with it by saying “Ok Google”. You can also reply to messages, just by saying what you want to say. You can also use these devices as fitness trackers. To get a better idea about this it is better if you take a look at Google’s Promotional Videos showing how this will work.


You really should take a moment and watch the videos given down below to fully understand the potential of Android Wear.

1) Introducing Android Wear Developer Preview

2) Android Wear: Information that moves with you

The first Android Wear-supported hardware should be available later this year. LG is one of the companies that already announced an Android Wear device; the LG G Watch will become available in the next quarter. Motorola also teased a wearable device; The Moto 360, which looks Stunning. The Smart-watches that are currently available such as the Pebble, Gear, Sony Smart Watch, Omate Truesmart are going to have a really tough time in the future.













This is a brilliant move by Google, we can’t wait for these amazing looking wearables to come out. What do you think? What are you most excited for?

Source – Google’s Android Blog