LEAKED : HTC M8 (One 2014) in a detailed Hands-on Video

On March 25 HTC will Finally launch one of the Most Leaked Phones of 2014, if not Ever ! Today’s leak, clearly shows us the device and it’s features gets detailed, but the Video is in German. We don’t know what HTC can do to surprise us any-more, because so far it seems like we know all of it. The phone, and its features, related aspects, have been leaked extensively over the past couple of weeks, but today we’re seeing a full 14-minute video hands-on of the yet unannounced device.HTC_One_M8_www.androdollar.com.

Apparently the phone is being called “HTC One” and not “The New HTC One”, at least that’s what’s being said in the video. There’s talk about hardware: the five-inch Full HD display, quad-core Snapdragon 801 SoC, 2GB of RAM, but the internal storage is being mentioned as 60GB — which we’re sure is a mistake from 16GB — as well as 32GB options. 5MP camera on the front, and a combo of a 4.1MP and a 2MP camera on the back (which don’t offer 3D capabilities) with dual LED flashes that have different colour temperatures (Yes, Just like the iPhone 5S has the True Tone Flash)

As far as software is concerned, Android 4.4.2 is being mentioned with HTC Sense 6 on top of it. For software features (like the UI, Camera, double-tap to wake up, other useful gestures and more)

Check out the video below and let us know what you think about it so far.

HTC One M8 Kurztest Deutsch 1080p (Hands on) by anonanon301

Source – Anonanon301