Cyanogen Inc. undergoes a slight rebranding

Back in September, Cyanogenmod became a commercial company and have been working with companies such as Oppo and OnePlus to put out phones with CM pre-installed.

The company is growing and to reflect upon that they saw fit to undergo a re-branding. What you see here is the new logo for Cyanogen Inc. It’s not just a logo and there’s more to it than meets the eye, the three key pillars it is built upon: customization, security, and open source. …but there’s also a secondary meaning to that, with the user being at the center, the C representing the Community, and the arrow that points forward.

Customization is what makes makes Android stand out from the rest, and CM takes this to greater levels. Users are given the power to make their smartphone or tablet truly theirs. “This is my phone. There are many like it, but this is one is mine,” reads Cyanogen’s introductory graphic.

Security is a major issue these days with hacking and snooping happening on a worldwide scale. Cyanogen has been including several security and privacy features in its software, Such as the WhisperPush secure messaging system.

Stay Tuned for more info.