Galaxy S5 vs iPhone 5S

Galaxy S5 outsells the iPhone 5S on launch Weekend

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is out right now and we get the Sales Details of the device during it’s Launch Weekend. It is really lookig good for Samsung because the S5 have sold more than the iPhone 5S. Iqmetrix have released an infographic, comparing the launch weekend of the Galaxy S5, and that of the iPhone 5s; and it shows by how much the S5 is ahead.

The figures below are based on iqmetrix data collected from over 15,000 stores and compares the launch weekends of the two rivals – September 20-22, 2013 for the iPhone 5s and April 11-13 for the Galaxy S5. According to the chart, 23% of total phones sold in the U.S. (18% of total phones sold in Canada) were Samsung Galaxy S5 units. Compared to that, the iPhone 5s represented 18% of total phones sold in the U.S. (13% of total phones sold in Canada), each in their respective first weekend sales.

Check out the chart below for more figures that also include the Galaxy S 4 and iPhone 5 sales in the months before their follow-ups launches.

Galaxy-S5-outsells-iPhone-5s (1)

Source – Igmetrix

Via – Gsmarena