Google Glass tear-down reveals components cost only $80, but Google sells it for $1500

Google Glass is one amazing wearable for most of us. It is sold for Beta testers by Google for $1500. At this price, the Explorer Edition of Glass doesn’t come cheap, but according to a new estimates, the hardware that comprises the face computer costs a total of just $80.

Of course, this estimate is not saying that Glass costs only $80 to make, since it doesn’t factor in the cost of manufacturing. Teardown.com gives us a closer look at the componets and prices of each. They are a reputed site, so this is giving Google a Huge profit.

Check out the images below of the Teardown Price chart, and for more images of the Glass internals checkout Tech Insights.



Naturally, Google has refused these claims, with a Google spokesman via The Wall Street Journal noting that the Teardown.com report is “absolutely wrong.” Given the various intricacies involved in creating such a hi-tech product, it’s likely that the cost of manufacturing, researching and developing Glass bears the bulk of the overall price, but even though Teardown.com’s numbers are based upon very brief analysis, $80 comes to us as a surprise.

If Glass is to appeal to the masses, the price point will have to be dropped when it is officially launched, so that anyone can get it. We will be following the Google Glass project and when that Official launch day is here we will let you know. So stay tuned. What do you think about these claims by Teardown.com? Looks accurate?

Soruce – Tech Insights