You won’t need a touchscreen if you have Microsoft’s motion-sensing keyboard

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Microsoft’s Windows Operation System is getting more and more Touch friendly. Touch-screens are great, but not everyone has a touch-screen Monitor or Laptop. Microsoft’s Research team have demonstrated a great new keyboard with motion gestures.

This actually looks better than what we get currently get with things like Leap motion or Myo. If this experimental Type-Hover-Swipe keyboard ever reaches shelves it will be way better since this is still in developmental stages. This keyboard hides a grid of infrared motion sensors between the keys, letting you perform hand gestures in a more natural position. While the technology is very low-resolution (there’s just 64 pixels of data), it’s both fast and precise enough to recognize more advanced commands. Among other tricks, you can mimic a steering wheel with your hands when playing a racing game which looks pretty cool. Checkout the demo video by Microsoft for more information.

There’s no mention of production plans for the keyboard, and Microsoft notes that it’s not perfectly accurate in its current form. However, it’s a practical concept that could give your hands a much-needed break. Microsoft adds that the raw sensors could even be used for direct touch input, since it’s possible to deduce your exact finger position — in some situations, you might not need a touch-screen at all.

What do you think about this gadget? Useful or Gimmicky? Stay tuned for more exciting news.

Source – Microsoft Research