Siri’s security bug allows you to bypass the lock screen on iOS 7.1.1

Even though Apple has worked on patching the reported security flaws of iOS 7 with iOS 7.1 and also with version 7.1.1, there always seems to be an extra bug that nobody noticed. and this time its a lock screen issue, the purpose of any lock screen with a passcode is to restrict anybody from accessing your information without your consent, but, Apple does give you the option to use Siri in some limited functionality.


It seems that the limited functionality does allow a back door to your information if you get lucky, renowned Egyptian neurosurgeon and part-time hacker Sherif Hashim, you can see how you can use Siri to access somebody’s contacts and interact with them. If you were planning on keeping your address book a secret, there is a way to disable Siri from your lock screen, but then again, the best thing would be for Apple to patch this bug and only allow you to access the contacts you allow.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6cHZBk-eKps]

We’re expecting iOS 8 to launch at WWDC in the next coming weeks, and there is no word if Apple plans to patch this bug, so keep an eye on your phone for now.