Google Play Store now Accepts Paypal in 12 Countries, Expanded carrier billing and Developers Sales as well

All this time Google Only had Google Wallet support built in to the Google Play Store. If you’re a regular Paypal user you know how many other places allow you to easily checkout with paypal. Now Google has taken a step in the right direction and Google is now allowing users to use Paypal to easily checkout from the Google Play Store.

In Android’s developer blog, they have revealed that they are bringing PayPal support to Google Play in 12 countries. The 12 countries mentioned are Austria, Belgium, Canada, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, the US, and the UK. These regions will find PayPal as an option within Google Wallet, and all they’ll need to do is enter their login credentials to use it.


In addition to Paypal support in twelve countries, Google is also rolling out carrier billing support to seven more countries such as Singapore, Thailand and Taiwan — bringing the total number of countries that support carrier billing to 24.

That’s not all Google is doing to expand the reach of Google Play purchases, while making them as accessible to folks as possible. Google also is rolling out Play gift card support to Japan, Germany and 11 other countries and is even adding Google Play premium app support to 13 new countries with Indonesia,Malaysia and Turkey among the list.

Google doesn’t specify exactly when these changes will take affect, but we think they should be activated immediately.

Checkout the Source link, Android Developer’s Blog for more information.

Source – Android Developer’s Blog