DEAL ALERT : Get 168 Hours of Battlefield 4 for Free on Origin

Origin is a Game Service by EA and they have been on a Role lately giving away Awesome Game. If you recall they made Battlefield 3 Completely Free for a Week. Now it looks like it’s time to Giveaway Battlefield 4. Well Sorta. Have you heard about Origin Game Time? The program that allowed you to play games for free on EA’s Origin for one week? That’s exactly what’s going to happen with Battlefield 4. The game is selling for Rs.1749.50 here in Sri Lanka, or about $14. You can download Battlefield 4 to your Origin Game Library and play it for one full week (168-hours). You have until August 14 to add Battlefield 4 Game Time to your Origin game library. According to EA, the game should become available (For Free under Game Time) in few hours if it isn’t right now.

Once you have added the game to your library, you can download it and start the game-time clock whenever you want. There are no strings attached! You will be able to enjoy full Battlefield 4 experience for a week. It’s enough time for you to complete Single Player campaign and some hardcore Multiplayer Games as well.

Achievements earned during your game-time will be saved if you decide to continue your journey by purchasing the game after 1 week. You can start from where you left off. To start your game time, add the game to your library, download it without worrying about the time it takes to download it. Once you have downloaded the game, launch the game to start your Game-Time Clock.



So basically what this means is, any one can get Battlefield 4 for Free for 1 week and play Single Player or Multiplayer. If you like the game, you can purchase it then. This is pretty Cool in my opinion, because a lot of people will be able to get their hands on the game and play Mutiplayer games.

You can download the game from Origin or Visit the Source link for More information. What do you think about the Game Time move by EA? Wise Move right? Drop your comments down below.

Source – Origin