Apple to Release OS X Yosemite & Unveil New iPads in October

Apple unveiled the latest iPhones on the 9th of September. iOS 8 was made public Yesterday (17th) and According to a report by The Daily Dot, Apple will be Releasing OS X Yosemite to the public and Unveiling new iPad models on October 21.

We can’t say that we are surprised by this launch day, mainly because it is around that time Apple Launches the new iPads and Macs. Apple did the same thing last year by launching iPad Air and iPad mini 2 a month after the iPhone 5s.

Apple’s upcoming iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini has leaked on a number of occasions in the past. The devices are tipped to be coming with Touch ID Fingerprint scanners as we have seen in the leaks, and the Tablets will be running the latest iOS 8 out of the box. It is said that Apple might increase the Ram from 1GB to 2GB on the new iPads to better support the Rumored split screen multitasking. We have also heard about an iPad Pro model being Tested.

Now when talking about Macs, OS X Yosemite will have less bugs when Apple launches it Free to the Public. It has some cool new features, and there is a chance that Apple might be unveiling some new Macs as well. Let’s wait and see.

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Source – The Daily Dot