Leaked Screenshot shows Android Lollipop Debug Icon while Google Tease us with Names for Android L; Might Launch Today with the New Nexus

Looks like it’s time. It is said that Google will be launching the New Nexus Devices as well as the Final Version of Android L Today along with the New Nexus Devices. With this, we come to the end of the name hunt. We have got a Leaked Screenshot that clearly shows a Lollipop icon as the Debug icon on Android, which makes us think that the Final Version will be called Lollipop.

The Screenshot has been found on the Chromium Issue Tracker. Google has removed this image after a few minutes according to Myce. At this point, nothing is confirmed and this might change. If you recall last year images of Android 4.4 also leaked ahead of its launch, showing off a Key Lime Pie debug icon and yet Google completely caught us off guard by instead dubbing the OS release as KitKat. It’s very possible that this is just another Google Troll. Some other names that were rumored for the “L” in Android L were, Laffy Taffy, Lemon Meringue Pie and Licorice. Checkout the Image Below,

The Notifications Bar on top shows a Lollipop Debug Icon

Talking about Trolling, Google has Teased us with a a new video that shows Android L Name contenders Battling it out in the “Sweet Treat” tryouts. Checkout the Hilarious Video below.

Even though we are expecting the New Nexus 6 and Nexus 9 to be unveiled today, don’t expect a big event or anything like that; According to rumors it will be introduced via a blog post by Google. There is also a slight chance that we might only see only the Nexus 9 tomorrow, and maybe the Nexus 6 at a later date because some rumors claim that Android L Development is not 100% completed yet. Either way, both new Nexus devices will be running Android L out of the box. Let’s wait and see. The Click is ticking.

What do you think Google will pick as the Name for Android L? Drop a Comment, and let me know. Stay Tuned to Andro Dollar for the latest from the Tech World.

Source – Myce