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Google is allegedly working on a Cross Platform File Sharing Serivce called Copresense

Google appears to be working on a New Cross Platform local file sharing service called Copresence. According to the recent rumors, Copresence will be a Mix Between Android Beam & Apple’s AirDrop.

With the announcement of Android 5.0 Lollipop, we got to know that it has the functionality for Android Beam to allow for transfer of more file types.

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Copresence appears to be aimed at allowing Android, iOS, and Chrome devices communicate with one another and allow for exchanging files, photos, directions, messages, or other content.

Devices would use location data or Bluetooth to establish a connection, then transfer files through Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi Direct. It appears as though Google might have plans for the product beyond simple file transfers; meaning it could be deeper syncing of data between devices, similar to the new Continuity features between iOS and Mac after the release of OS X Yosemite; or it could be more seamless casting to Android TV or Chromecast; or it could be something else completely different.

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At this point we have No clue, but let’s wait and see. I’m excited. Are you?

Source – Android Police