The Galaxy S6 will use a Touch Based Fingerprint Sensor instead of the Swipe based one

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Last year Samsung introduced a Fingerprint scanner on the Galaxy S5 and it was a Swipe based fingerprint scanner, which didn’t perform as well as the one on the iPhone 6 or the Huawei Ascend Mate 7. This is because the One on the Galaxy S5 was a Swipe based one and it needed more precision than the one on the iPhone & Huawei where you just had to Touch the Sensor. it looks like Sammy is going to change it this time around with the Galaxy S6, as it is said that they will also move over to the Touch based Fingerprint scanner.

According to Sammobile, To accommodate the new sensor, Samsung has made the Home key on the upcoming Galaxy S6 bigger. It’s not clear if it will work while the screen is off (like on the Ascend Mate 7) or not (like on the iPhones).

According to Sammobile, The functionality will remain the same as the one on the Galaxy S5 and Note 4, so the sensor will be able to provide,

• Fingerprint Unlock: Verifies the user’s identity and unlocks the device.
• Web sign-in: Allows users to sign into websites using fingerprints.
• Verify Samsung Account: Verifies the user’s identity when purchasing content in Samsung services.
• Private Mode: It’s not specifically a fingerprint-exclusive feature, but allows user to choose fingerprint as an unlock method.
• Pay with PayPal: Allows users to make quick and secure payments via their PayPal account using their registered fingerprints.

The Galaxy S6 is expected to come with a QHD Display along with 4GB of Ram and a Snapdragon 810 SoC or a Exynos SoC inside. The device will also feature new and improved Touchwiz Software where there will be less clutter accorund to the sources. We have also heard that there maybe 2 varients of the Galaxy S6, one with a dual-sided Edge screen and one regular version. We are expecting the release to happen in somewhere around March, maybe at MWC 2015.

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Source – Sammobile