Andro$ Nexus Remixed – Andro Dollar

VIDEO : HOW TO : Customize your Android Device with “Andro$ Nexus Remixed”

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Welcome to the Andro$ Nexus Remixed on Android Lollipop.

This is a custom made setup that offers a lot of Productivity perks while being Smooth and elegant at the same time. Feel free to make any changes and Don’t forget to Share this with your friends.

Before you begin, Download all the Applications you need first.

  • Poweramp (Optional – You can use Any Music Player Widget, but I recommend Poweramp)
  • Forto CM12 Theme (Only if you have an AOSP Rom with CM12 Theme Engine Built In)
  • Build Prop Editor (Optional – Only if you want to add the Software Navigation Bar using Root)

Now Checkout the Video, and Drop a Comment if you Love this Setup. Don’t forget to Share this Unique Theme all over the internet.