OnePlus promises an improved Invite System for the OnePlus 2

One of the most disappointing but yet interesting things about the OnePlus One last year was the Invite System. It was disappointing because not a lot of people were able to buy it, and it was interesting because it gave OnePlus a lot of Hype and not being able to buy the phone made people want it even more. After having the invite system for a long time, few months earlier, OnePlus made the OnePlus One available to everyone without invites. With the OnePlus 2 nearly ready to launch, OnePlus is now taking the time to reassure shoppers who are a little concerned about this move back to invites, explaining how it intends to do things differently this time around.

One a blog post at OnePlus’s Website, they mentioned that it’s going to have some thirty to fifty times as much launch-time inventory available as it did last year. As a result, there will be a lot more invites going around.

OnePlus is also going to be better at delivering gifted invites to users who complete their OnePlus 2 purchases, to help them spread the word to friends and family.

Hopefully the Invite System will be much better than last year. We will see how much Hype OnePlus is able to build this time. The OnePlus 2 launches on the 27th of July, and it will feature a 5.7″ QHD Display, Snapdragon 810 SoC, 4GB of Ram, USB Type C Port, Fingerprint scanner and a 13MP Camera. OnePlus CEO promised that the retail price will be less than $450, so get your money ready. You can expect full coverage of the unveiling of the OnePlus 2 at Andro Dollar.

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Source – OnePlus