Samsung Galaxy S7 to bring back the microSD card slot according to the latest rumor

We have seen the Galaxy S7 appear in the rumor mill many times recently, and it is not a surprise as the release is set to be in early 2016. The newest rumor will make a lot of users happy, as it mentions that the Micro SD Card slot will be brought back with the S7.

With the Galaxy S6 & Note 5 Samsung had to get rid of the Micro SD Card slot as there was a compatibility issue between the UFS2 storage that was used. Now it looks like Samsung has figured out a way to get it done.

The rumor also provides some details on the display of the S7, and it states that it will be a 5.2″ display, while the Galaxy S7 edge will feature a larger 5.7-inch curved edge display. What’s worth mentioning here is that the display will be curved on the top and the bottom too. That sounds pretty interesting.

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Source – Samsung.hdblog.it