Android N Beta meant for everyone is now available for Nexus Devices

Since Google unveiled Android N sometime back, this time at Google I/O they didn’t have something all new to share with us, but they released the latest big release to the Android N Developer Preview. This is the 3rd major update and according to Google, this is a Beta quality release which is meant for everyone using Nexus devices.

Don’t forget that “beta” doesn’t mean “bug free”. Just keep that in mind before installing.

Aside from the usual battery improvements, performance improvements and stability improvements, this release brings with it a new update mechanism that emulates the one used in Chrome OS. Basically, whenever a new software update is available, your device will automatically download it in the background, and then automatically install it the next time you restart your phone or tablet. It will all be a much more seamless process, and booting up after an update is applied should be faster than it used to be too, because the infamous “Android is upgrading” screen is gone. This is big news.

Multi Window changes that were announced in Android N earlier are still here and the quick reply features are also present. We also learnt that Android N will be the first to support Unicode 9 which enables new emojis as well.

To get into the Android N on your Nexus if you’re rocking a Nexus 6, 9, 5X, 6P, Nexus Player, Pixel C tablet, just sign up a compatible device on this page.

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