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Google unveils Google Home at Google I/O 2016

We heard quite a few rumors about Google launching an Amazon Echo competitor at Google I/O, so Google Home didn’t come as a big surprise. At the Annual developer conference, Google unveiled Google Home, which is a device that will take voice commands from you and allow you to talk with it and search. This is also a speaker so you can hear things back and ofcoz play music, or ask it to do it for you.

What’s new however, Google Home supports the Google Cast protocol, which is something Amazon Echo doesn’t have. This means you can even send stuff to it from your phone, tablet, or laptop. You can also tell it to play something on any of the devices you have connected a Chromecast (video or audio) to, and multi-room playback is supported. It will work with all the services and apps that already have Cast built-in. Google Home will get to control some of the smart things in your house as well from light bulbs to thermostats.


The top part of the device is standard, but you’ll be able to pick from a variety of different designs for the bottom bit, ensuring that it will perfectly fit the environment of your home.

Far-field microphones ensure it will hear what you say even if you’re in a different part of the room. The speaker will supposedly come with “strong bass and clear highs”, according to Google.

Google Home will be available later this year and pricing has not been announced yet. Most people seem already excited for this. Could this give out a good challenge to Amazon’s Echo?

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Source – Google