Leaked images of the 2016 MacBook Pro confirms the OLED Touch Bar and TouchID Fingerprint sensor

We all know what’s coming on the 27th of October at the Apple event. It’s going to be all about the new macs. In case you didn’t see, I already made a video highlighting 5 things we could see at Apple’s special event on the 27th. You can check it out here. In brief they are going to show off the redesigned MacBook Pro at an event on Thursday.

MacRumors spotted a pair of images hidden inside yesterday’s update to macOS Sierra, both of which show a new MacBook Pro, a touch panel above its keyboard, and a fingerprint reader. The images show a narrower MacBook Pro with slimmer bezels around both the keys and screen. The keys seem to be the butterfly style keys found on the 12″ Macbook. We also see front facing speakers finally on the 13″ version. Majority of the design looks familiar but it has a lot of great enhancements.


Highlight of these images is of course the touch strip at the top of the keyboard, which has been rumored for months and leaked a few times as well. The images give an early idea of what it’ll be like in use: completely blank and black when the computer is off, and able to display colors, buttons, and symbols in response to whatever comes up on-screen like I mentioned in my video. One of the pictures shows it being used for Apple Pay. An arrow points to the right corner of the touch strip, where a Touch ID fingerprint reader is located. Most probably this will be called the Magic Toolbar.

We will have to wait till Thursday to know for sure. Few hours more. Are you hyped up? Do you digg the design? Share with your friends and let me know!

Source – MacRumors