My experience with Samsung’s new Monster Giga Party Audio speakers in Sri Lanka!

With the pandemic taking over the world and people not being able to go out, and even enjoy, demand for tech that can be used at home has grown rapidly. Samsung has unveiled a new product range in Sri Lanka that will make you stay at home and have your own house party. In brief, this is a sound tower series that includes the Samsung Giga Party Audio MX-T70, MX-T50, and MX-T40. The flagship model is the MX-T70 and is a real monster when it comes to size and performance because it comes with a unique triangular design and massive speakers along with a built-in 10-inch subwoofer in the center of the unit. I have been using both the MX-T70 as well as the MX-T50 for a couple of days now and I thought of sharing my experience with you. I have a video about this on my YouTube channel as well so if you want to see this visually, you can check it out below

I will be focusing mainly on the MX-T70 because that’s what I instantly fell in love with and have been using the most. Firstly, this sound tower is BIG. You really have to see it to understand what it’s like. From the moment I first unboxed it, I had no doubt this is going to deliver sounds like a boss and I was right. Not only is the sound coming out really powerful, it also packs a lot of Bass. There is a bass booster button in the console itself to control it.

I have used a couple of sound towers before from other competitor brands as well but the Samsung MX-T70 stands out. Talking about the design, like I mentioned before with the big size comes big speakers. It has a triangular look from the top with the controls mounted at the top as well. Along with the play/pause button at the center, we have the volume + and volume – along with a button to control the lighting on this speaker, a button to change the output and a bass controller in a circular design. We also have a placeholder to mount your smartphone/tablet at the top as well. At the front on either side, we have the bi-directional speaker grills with LED lighting and the 10-inch subwoofer at the center of the unit. At the back we find a good set of connectivity ports from an AUX port that can be used to connect this to any laptop/smartphone or other device that supports a 3.5mm audio out, mic in for karaoke mode and individual volume and echo controls for each mic. There are also 3 buttons at the top for pairing, stereo and group play respectively and also 2 USB ports that can be used to connect any pen drives with music with ease.

These Giga party audio speakers are splash resistant which means it will even be great for outdoor activities or even a pool party. It is very easy to connect to these towers using your smartphone, but Samsung has taken it up one more step with the multi connection audio which will let you have two smartphones connected to this speaker at the same time. Both you and your partner will now have control over the speaker which is nice to have and is something I ended up using a lot.

Samsung is emphasizing on the bi-directional audio of this speaker range a lot and during the time I used it, I can confirm that this speaker surely delivers well. The bass on these speakers are also really great! You don’t just hear the music; you really feel it. If you stand next to this speaker while it is on maximum volume, you will somewhat feel the vibrations due to the heavy bass. Even though there is a lot of bass, it doesn’t destroy the music experience because this comes with a dynamic bass function that automatically adjusts the bass based on what is being played.

Talking about the sound experience, I thoroughly enjoyed my time with the MX-T70. It really exceeded my expectations with the sound it was able to put out. The MX-T70 can get really loud at maximum volume. Although loud, the songs were crisp and clear which is what I loved.

The Illuminating light effects on this speaker really adds to the experience and flows with the rhythm. If you’re having a party, this will not only add color but also set the mood of the party. You can tweak the sound tower options by using the Samsung Tower app that’s available for Android or iOS. This will let you set the right vibe by adjusting the built-in LED lighting, sound effects, and even change the EQ settings easily.

Karaoke mode is another fun addition that adds to the music experience with two mic inputs at the back. You can sing your hearts out with your friends at your party and overall, I loved how easy it was to operate.

For whatever reason if you feel like the sound of this speaker is not enough for you or you want more of a stereo experience, you can connect up to 10 more of these speakers together wired or wirelessly. Best part is that a MX-T70 can be connected to the MX-T50 or MX-T40 and vice versa. I personally used it to connect the MX-T70 and MX-T50 wirelessly and it worked seamlessly!

While the big size of the MX-T70 was good for the musical experience, it surely wasn’t when I wanted to move it around cz it is really heavy and bulky. Samsung informed me that there is an optional wheel Add-on for these sound towers, which makes it easier to move around. This can be purchased separately. However, if you stick to the version without wheels, two people will be needed to safely carry this around but once you move it and get it up and running, no matter what the place is, this speaker will rock the surroundings and mesmerize the audience.

Samsung also sent me their latest soundbars which I will be testing out and coming out with videos on my YouTube channel – www.youtube.com/androdollar as well as the most awaited QLED TVs coming soon on my channel as well. If you’re interested in watching the video, check it out.

As a summary of the 3 models available, the MX-T70 is the flagship model that is the most powerful and is the biggest out of the bunch, while it is difficult to place, it is the best performing speaker in my testing. The MX-T50 is having a balance between the two and is not that big and good for someone who prefers portability. If you have the budget, I personally would recommend you to go for the MX-T70 and that’s the one I plan to continue to use! You can check these out at the Samsung Experience center at One Galle Face or pick it up at an authorized Samsung outlet. If you have any questions before you buy, connect with me on social media @AndroDollar and I will be happy to assist you.