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Hello! Welcome To Andro Dollar. I hope that you have gone through my Website by now, and if you haven’t already, you should Check it out. I am a Passionate Geek who likes to Write about the Latest from the Tech World, and sometimes things in between.

I have now launched my own Brand Merchandise, in the Form of a Simple T-Shirt. If you like the Website, and if you would like to support it for the Future, Please be sure to get a T-Shirt today.

While it Helps me make more Great Content in the Future, it also Helps Spread the Word about Andro Dollar.

What are the Sizes and Colours available?

I have 4 colours of this T-Shirt, from Black to White to Red to Yellow. All Shirts have a Clean & Minimal Design that looks Quite good in my honest opinion. There are 4 Sizes, Small, Medium, Large and XL.

Ok, How Much is it?

You must now be wondering How much each shirt is. I sell each shirt at Rs. 700 in Sri Lanka. For the International Customers, It’s going to be sold at around $25 as there is going to be a Heavy Shipping Cost.

Any Added Perks?

Oh ya, If you are from Sri Lanka, I will be Offering Free Shipping. Just let me know where you live and I’ll send it to you safely. For the International Customers, Since you are paying for Shipping, I will be adding in something special in side the Package, Made just specifically for you.

Let’s Take a look at the T-Shirts,

Red T-Shirt


Yellow T-Shirt


White T-Shirt


Black T-Shirt


I Want One, How can I get one?

Easy. Fill-out the Contact Us Form or Contact me on Facebook, Twitter or Google+ and I will tell more on how you can make the payment and how soon I can send the product to you. You can also contact me via email at banuathuraliya@androdollar.com.

To raise awareness, Share this page with your friends and consider buying one, if you want to support the Website.