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Hello! Welcome To Andro Dollar. I hope that you have gone through my Website by now, and if you haven’t already, you should Check it out. I am a Passionate Geek who likes to Write about the Latest from the Tech World, and sometimes things in between.

I have now launched my own Brand Merchandise, in the Form of a Simple T-Shirt. If you like the Website, and if you would like to support it for the Future, Please be sure to get a T-Shirt today.

While it Helps me make more Great Content in the Future, it also Helps Spread the Word about Andro Dollar.

What are the Sizes and Colours available?

I have 4 colours of this T-Shirt, from Black to White to Red to Yellow. All Shirts have a Clean & Minimal Design that looks Quite good in my honest opinion. There are 4 Sizes, Small, Medium, Large and XL.

Ok, How Much is it?

You must now be wondering How much each shirt is. I sell each shirt at Rs. 700 in Sri Lanka. For the International Customers, It’s going to be sold at around $25 as there is going to be a Heavy Shipping Cost.

Any Added Perks?

Oh ya, If you are from Sri Lanka, I will be Offering Free Shipping. Just let me know where you live and I’ll send it to you safely. For the International Customers, Since you are paying for Shipping, I will be adding in something special in side the Package, Made just specifically for you.

Let’s Take a look at the T-Shirts,

Red T-Shirt


Yellow T-Shirt


White T-Shirt


Black T-Shirt


I Want One, How can I get one?

Easy. Fill-out the Contact Us Form or Contact me on Facebook, Twitter or Google+ and I will tell more on how you can make the payment and how soon I can send the product to you. You can also contact me via email at

To raise awareness, Share this page with your friends and consider buying one, if you want to support the Website.

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