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Howdy Geek ! Welcome to Andro Dollar. I am a Geek; A Passionate Geeks. Andro Dollar is a Proud Sri Lankan Website. My aim is to develop this website to be one of the best tech websites around, providing the viewers trust worthy content that matter the most. I will be reporting on the latest and greatest tech new related to Phones (Android,iOS,Windows,etc), Computer News, Gaming News, and even other Consumer Electronics like Cameras and Other Geeky Accessories. I will be making How-To guides to help people out with common questions I get asked. I am maintaining a Youtube channel to do Unboxings, Video Tutorials and Video Reviews as well.

Andro Dollar was started by myself, Banuka Athuraliya aka “Banu“. You can visit my About Me Page here to contact me directly or to follow him. Banu will be writing most of the articles. There will be Guest articles, once in a while too.

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Everything in the world starts small and then becomes bigger”

I have started a new journey in life to help people around me by doing what I Love and Enjoy doing. Hopefully you like what I have to offer. Just check out the website and tell me what you think. All Comments – Positive/Negative will be much appreciated.

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