Welcome to the All New Andro Dollar

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We are finally here. This is actually happening. 3 Year after officially launching Andro Dollar, I decided to take things to the next level. Welcome to the All New Andro Dollar.

I actually made a dedicated video explaining everything behind the Rebranding and what’s new, but I decided to put together this little press release to officially write things down. First you might want to checkout the video below,

So, here’s what’s New.

The Logo

Designing this logo took a lot of time, thinking and effort but finally we got want we wanted. I personally wanted a Modern and Minimalist yet classy logo that will scream quality and this does just that. Hope you like it too.

Andro Dollar Final Logo 1 - Welcome to the All New Andro Dollar

Launch of the Andro Dollar Network

This is the biggest deal for me personally because, with the launch of the Andro Dollar Network my scope just widens a lot. Now I am able to do more and I can challenge myself to do better and work harder. This is exactly why I built this. Basically like I explained in the video the Andro Dollar Network is the parent company of all things Andro Dollar – The Blog, The Youtube Channel and The Services. Talking about services brings me to the next new things.

But before that, Checkout the Andro Dollar Network website at network.androdollar.com

Launch of the Andro Dollar Services

I have been working with a lot of clients in the past and that experience has given me the motivation to start this. With the success we got on Fiverr as well, I am starting off the Andro Dollar Services with my better half – Dolly. We are extremely passionate about this and we are looking forward to give our maximum when it comes to our work.

Checkout the Andro Dollar Services website at www.services.androdollar.com

All New Design for the Andro Dollar Blog

Yes, this must be quite obvious by now. As you see the Andro Dollar Tech website isn’t so plain anymore. It is filled with awesome things and this really wasn’t easy to make. It took a lot of hard work to get things where they are now, and I am really happy with the effort I put in to it. I am doing all of this with passion and I believe that is why I am able to do things just the way I want.

Well that’s it for the Rebranding. I hope you like what you see and if you appreciate the effort, I would be thankful if you could tell a friend and share the exciting news as well. My end goal in mind is to build a Tech community based in Sri Lanka like never done before and I believe this is the step in the right direction.

Thank You, and Stay tuned for some wonderful content.