HOW TO : Save battery on iOS 7


These are some tips to increase your battery life

1.Turn off auto brightness and adjust it to a middle level.
(Sometimes your light sensor will detect sunlight and increase the brightness to an unwanted level,and that will costume the battery quickly)

2.Turn off location services.
(Location services runs on GPS,and it is one of the top reasons that consume your battery the most)

3.Turn off vibration.
(Vibration is made by a motor like spinning machine and if your ringtone is more than enough to alert you then try to keep it turned off)

4.Turn off background data.
(This is the one that has the biggest impact on your battery.Background data runs your Internet service when you are not even using your phone,so it’s like using internet with the screen turned off)

5.Turn off auto updates.
(Keeping auto updates on will always check updates from time to time using your internet connection without you noticing and that will result your phone to have a lower battery life)