This is a heavily requested Tutorial. In this I will be showing you How to change the App Store Region in iOS 7 on your iDevice. This is also compatible with all versions of iOS. Let’s get started, Shall we?


1) First open Settings and scroll down to the iTunes and App Store Section.

Photo Feb 04, 8 57 37 PM2) Now click on your Apple ID

Photo Feb 04, 8 57 42 PM

3) Now enter your password after clicking on View Apple ID

Photo Feb 04, 8 57 50 PM

4) Now select Country/Region

Photo Feb 04, 8 58 28 PM

5) Now select Change Country or Region

Photo Feb 04, 8 58 48 PM

6) Now click on Store

Photo Feb 04, 8 58 54 PM

7) Now select the country you prefer

Photo Feb 04, 8 59 01 PM


8) Now hit Agree

Photo Feb 04, 8 59 11 PM

9) Now make sure you fill this out. If you want to add a Credit Card you can do so here or else select None.

Photo Feb 04, 8 59 19 PM

10) If you want to choose the US & if you’re living outside the US fill out the details as below. Put your Name and other details as well. (I have removed my details for this tutorial)

Photo Feb 04, 8 59 25 PM

11) That’s it.

Photo Feb 04, 8 59 42 PM

Congratulations ! You have successfully changed your App Store. If you had any problems you can contact me. If you think this was useful, Please share as it will help others out as well.

If you have anymore HOW TO Requests do let me know.




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