UPDATED : LEAKED : Great Looking Flip Cover for the HTC M8

UPDATE : More colors leaked for the HTC M8s Cover,courtesy of none other than @Evleaks himself


@Evleaks has leaked a nice looking flip cover case press image of the upcoming HTC M8. This appeared earlier on twitter.


As you can see above, the flip cover will allow users to neatly view relevant information such as time and current weather while closed. No word yet on how much this case will cost when the HTC M8 is launched, but it is a unique way to get important information out without having to have a little cut out window like the one used by Samsung and LG with their flip case offerings.

The leaked flip cover is not the only official case for the device to leak out. A couple of weeks back,@evleaks posted an press photo of the smartphone wearing a rugged case.

The other big news about this is that there’s going to be a Google Play Edition of the all new HTC M8. @Evleaks exact words were,

Also, like its predecessor, look for M8 to arrive as a Google Play Edition.

The All New HTC One will be officially revealed this month, on March 25. The handset has made a lot of appearances on camera and we are so excited for it.

Source – @Evleaks