LEAKED : More alleged 50MP Shots taken with the Oppo Find 7

More Alleged 50MP shots taken with the Oppo Find 7 has surfaced. This news broke out last week, and now we get more pictures. Yesterday we say the Oppo Find 7 leak out with one awesome looking LED Notification Light.


Like in the case of the previous leak, the new images’ EXIF data suggests that they have been captured with an Oppo Find 7. Additionally, the data shows that the device’s camera has a wide f/2.0 aperture. Check out the images down below.









We will reserve any judgements about the quality of the photos for after the phone’s debut. In the meantime, let us all stay excited about what’s coming our way in terms of imaging performance with the Oppo Find 7.

We know that there are going to be 2 variants of the Find 7, so does this mean the Higher end 2K display variant will have a 50MP camera and the 1080p display variant will have a 13MP camera like Yesterdays leak showed?

Oppo will be announcing this phone on the 19th of March, so let’s wait and see what we are going to get.

What do you think about this new leak? Are you as pumped as we are? Did you see the Teaser Video for the Find 7? If not check it out here.

Source – Webtrek