Want to know why the HTC One 2014 (M8) is going to have 2 Cameras?

We are know that HTC is going to launch the HTC One 2014 codenamed M8 on the 25th of March, and we have already seen a lot of leaked pictures and extensive Hands on Videos demonstrating its functionality.


GSMArena has leaked out a photo of a Telstra (a big Australian carrier) brochure detailing the phone’s feature.


The purpose of dual cameras on the upcoming HTC One has been a topic of debate ever since we first got the news in the rumour mill since we saw the Pictures. Some were saying it was going to be used for 3D, and we believed that HTC will try to improve on overall image quality as well as focus. A leaked ad, seen below, details the purpose of dual cameras, while at the same time confirming.

The main raison of the secondary camera is to choose focus. Nokia started this and Samsung, Sony, and LG also released a similar way recently.The main goal is to make the user set the Focus manually. HTC could, with two cameras, set two different focus settings upon a single shutter release. Two stills would generate four different focus settings, so the entire process could be faster, better and more reliable.

The ad also says that it will have 3D effects and a the amazing looking depth of field, just like the newly released galaxy S5 does.

We are not sure what resolution it is going to be on this camera, and it’s other hardware aspects, but we will get to know everything on the 25th when it’s Officially released.

The HTC One 2014 is expected to feature a 5″ 1080p screen, Boom Sound speakers on the front, on screen buttons, Android 4.4 Kitkat with Sense 6 and some other gestures like double tap to wake as shown on the brochure.

Source – GSMArena