Google Drive gets a Big Price Drop

Google has just announced some new price plans for its Google Drive service. The new plans start at $1.99 for 100 GB (down from $4.99), $10 for 1 TB (down from $50) and 10 TB for $99.99. This storage is shared across Drive, Gmail and Google+ Photos.


You can now sign up for these new plans here and if you’ve already subscribed, you’ll automatically be subscribed “to a better plan at no additional cost,” Google says in the announcement today.

Google didn’t forget to let us know about this via email as well. I have the 100GB Package and I got an e-mail earlier today with this message.


The new prices undercut the competition’s considerably – Dropbox’s cheapest plan starts at $9.99 for 100GB, while Microsoft OneDrive offers 50GB for $4.49 a month. It doesn’t help that Google Drive is the default storage option on Android devices, which hold almost 80 percent of the global smartphone market share, giving Google a major advantage that will likely push other cloud services to drop prices in order to stay in the game.

What do you think about the price drop? Are you excited as we are?

Source – Google Drive Blog