LEAKED : Nokia Lumia 630 and Windows Phone 8.1 Hands-On Videos

The Nokia Lumia 630 has leaked one again, this time with video. Along with the Lumia 630 leak we also get another leak showing how Wallpapers work on Windows Phone 8.1.


The first video offers a tour of the Lumia 630 hardware and software. The new Action Center is one of the major new features and has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth toggles, a camera shortcut and a brightness toggle like Control Center on iOS or the Notifications bar on Android. The Nokia Lumia 630 will be the first dual-SIM WP phone and ask the leaks suggested windows phone 8.1 will be using On-Screen Buttons as shown in the Video.

The second video demos how wallpapers work on WP8.1. We already saw how wallpapers will work with windows phone 8.1, in a previous leak, but this leak is special because it’s leaking a video showing us clearly what is meant by that. There seems to be a parallax effect when scrolling when the new wallpaper is enabled.

Microsoft BUILD starts on April 2, and that’s when Windows Phone 8.1 will be officially unveiled, most likely along with the Lumia 630 and Lumia 930. Nokia has already sent out press invitations for this event, so be ready.

Source – Windows Phone Lovers