TOP 10 : Android Apps by Sri Lankan Developers

Hey folks, It’s that time of the year again where we all celebrate Sinhala & Tamil New Year as an united nation. So we at Andro Dollar decided to do something special which would be useful for our local fans.

This article is dedicated to all the local developers who work hard to get some recognition in the field. We think it’s our duty to help our developers as a technology related site.

Talking about Sri Lanka, it’s relatively new to the smartphone industry, the majority of people are not unaware of what’s happening outside. But the bright side is that a world of new opportunities are blooming all over the country. New technology is used everywhere, new apps are being made, Online shopping systems, Online Banking Methods are introduced, there are new apps dedicated on keeping you updated regarding the live scores of certain encounters.

Keeping that all aside,let’s get back to business. It was really hard for us to name this list as there are quite a few number of good innovative apps out there. So let’s get started.

10) Omi, The card game in Sinhala


At number 10 spot is the Omi, The card game in Sinhala which was developed by Sri Droiders. This app is the virtual version of the real game called “Omi” which is very popular among the local community. It’s really fun to play and easy to learn. This app lets you play against a virtual bot which operates under logical conditions, very similar to actual game experience. All the rules, scoring methods, the number of players are as equal to the real game as developer has mentioned in the description.

You need to have a device with android version 2.1+ to play this game and at least 128 MB’s of RAM. If you’re Sri Lankan, I’m sure you’ll get fond of this game. So go ahead and download it if you haven’t already. We recommend this game to our non-Sri Lankan fans. So Make sure you check it out.

Google Play


9) Battle of the Blues Live

At number 9 of our list is a very cool looking app which was developed by the  ARC Developers. This app updates you with the live score of the Battle of the Blues which happens to be the second longest uninterrupted cricket encounter in the world which is played between Royal College Colombo 7 and S.Thomas’ College Mount Lavinia.



We really love the user interface of this beautiful app, it’s well designed and works flawlessly. This app also provides live commentary, twitter feed along with the video playback.

Main Features,

  • Live Score updates
  • Full Commentary
  • Video Highlights
  • Twitter Feed Access
  • Get important updates via Push Notifications

Kudos to Chamath Palihawadana and Roshnal Lihinikadu for creating such a useful app.

Google Play

8) Lanka ID Card Info

Ever thought of viewing someone’s personal information by entering his/her national ID card number? Well with this app it’s just few seconds away. This app which was developed by Ruhaim Izmeth is a very useful app when it comes to identifying someone.

  • This app has the following features
  • The ability to view Date of birth of the card-holder
  • The ability to view The weekday of the card-holder’s birth
  • The ability to view Gender of the card-holder
  • The ability to view Civil status of the card-holder
  • The ability to view the age of the card-holder as of today


What we really like about this app is the idea behind it. The User Interface is simple, operates very quickly and all functions are working as promised by the developer. If you are in Sri Lanka make sure to give this handy app a try.

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7) Electricity Bill Sri Lanka

As the name says this app allows the user to calculate the electricity bill according to the standard electricity rates of Sri Lanka. This is undoubtedly a very useful app for a citizen of Sri Lanka as it can calculate the current electricity bill in real time.This brilliant app was developed by Dilanka Dassanayake. The user interface is nice and clean. Does what it says.

Calculations can be done using 3 ways ;
a) Using the old tariff
b) Using the proposed tariff 2013
c) Using the approved tariff 2013


Make sure to download this app and to try it out yourself. Kudos to the developer for creating such a useful app.

Google Play


6) Thaala

At number 6 is an app called “Thaala” which is Sri Lanka’s first legal on-demand music streaming service as they call it. This app was developed by Microimage. With this app you can listen to authentic Sri Lankan music, discover new songs, discover upcoming artists, create playlists according to your personal taste.


Key Features:

  • Discover your favourite music by Songs, Artist, and Album
  • Create your own playlist
  • Generate a playlist automatically based on your preferred criteria
  • Share your playlists with your friends
  • Follow and give feedback on others playlists
  • Listen to playlists of others

If you’re a Sri Lankan music lover this app is definitely for you.

Google Play

5) Sri Lanka Radio

Do you own a smartphone with no inbuilt radio antenna and yet you’d like to listen to some quality local music? Well thanks to this app you shouldn’t worry more. This app basically streams music from your favourite station right into your android powered device hassle free.



With the simple and decent user interface and this app fits right into our No. 6th spot. The developers claim that you can listen to almost every local station using this app.

Google Play


4) Daily Mirror

Daily Mirror is one of the leading newspapers in Sri Lanka. This app brings those delicate articles right into your smartphone 24/7. This app also lets users to submit their own reports which will be reviewed by them and published later if it seems to be valuable. It also allows users to share stories via Social Websites, watch videos on the app itself.


Here are some of the categories,

  • Top breaking news
  • Sports News
  • Entertainment News
  • Business News
  • Opinion Articles
  • World News
  • Tech
  • Travel

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3) Road.lk

Road.lk is so far one of the greatest Sri Lankan apps we’ve seen so far. This app updates you with latest traffic alerts for a hassle free journey. With this app you can leave a tip/share whatever that is happening near you to your fellow users. The user interface is polished very well and the app is well designed.


Road.lk is your Free, Fast, Fun app. Download it at zero cost and zing your way through zombie traffic.

The interactive map shows your current location and shows live updates of traffic jams in the desired area in no time.

What we’d like to see in future releases : Turn by turn voice navigation integration.

If you are living in either Sri Lanka or Bangladesh this is a app worth trying out.

Google Play


2) Eat em All

Eat em all is a game which was developed by Photon Fission is a addictive brain and puzzle game.This app is highly polished and it’s graphics are just mind blowing. Warning! This is highly addictive once you get used to it. This app is full of fun, and you just have to eat em all.


We recommend this game to all our viewers from all around the world.

  • Eat em All Android game won the HackAnDroid Android application developer contest in Sri Lanka 2012, the event was organized by Google Developer Group Sri Lanka with the support of Google Inc.
  • Best selling game on Samsung Apps September-2012
  • e-Swabimani National e-content awards nominee and Winner in e-Entertainment and Games category 2012
  • “Overall the game is very impressive and addictive, and by far the best Sri Lankan developed game that we have come across.. 5/5 ” – TechWIre
  • “A true masterpiece! Very addictive puzzle game with a average story, great music and impressive graphics.. 5/5 ” –Multimedia SoluVision

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1) Apps by Bhasha Lanka

So our Number 1 for this Top 10 is not exactly one app, but a company that makes a lot of innovative apps for the Sri Lankan Market. Since we didn’t want to include them one by one on our Top 10, we decided to give them a special place explaining their best apps. After checking all these apps you will see why we made this choice.

  • Helakuru, the Sinhala Input Keyboard – This keyboard also has Sinhala Word Predctions and you can switch between english an sinhala anytime by clicking the Switch button. This is another Must have Application, because of it’s Features and Ease of Use. This is easily the best way you cann use to type in Sinhala on Android.


Google Play

  • MobiTV – This app allows you to watch Local TV programmes for free, right from your Android device. According to the developer you can watch the below channels using this app,

TV DeranaMobiTV_www.androdollar.com
Hiru TV
Sirasa TV
Vasantham TV
Dan Tamil TV
Siyatha TV
Maxx TV
The Buddhist
Shraddha TV
Daham Gagana TV
Rangiri Sri Lanka
Siyeli Dasun
Swarga TV
Sri Sankara
Peace TV
Sri TV
TV Lanka
Gee TV
Raja Music TV”


Google Play


  • News Apps (Ada Derana, Hiru News, Bhasha Puwath) – This company also makes some awesome looking news applications for Android for some Major TV Channels like Derana and Hiru, so if you haven’t checked these apps, please do.

Ada Derana


Hiru News


Bhasha Puwath


They also have more amazing apps, so check out the rest of their apps as well.

Google Play

So that’s it. Those are the top 10 apps that we like. It’s been a good start since 2014 and we hope that developers keep creating good apps in the years to come.

We’d like to hear from you what you think about these amazing apps, please leave a comment down below.

PS : I would like to thank C3nuka for doing some research to find out information about these apps.