LEAKED : Moto X+1 Branding

@Evleaks strikes back. He has revealed an image of the possible Moto X+1 branding today.



Nothing else has been published besides from the codename, which could change prior to a product announcement, but there’s a chance we could be looking at a Moto X successor. Then again, we have no idea what this device could be.

Motorola itself has hinted at a successor to the Moto X coming this summer. And while @evleaks has a solid track record, we do recommend some degree of caution, as there’s not much context here — it could refer to a smartphone, tablet or something else entirely.

We’ll have to wait and see what Motorola has in store for consumers with “Moto X+1.” Stay tuned to Andro Dollar as we will keep you updated.

Source – @Evleaks