Facebook Launches “Anonymous Login” and “Audience Network” at f8 2014

After a three-year break, Facebook’s F8 conference is back; and the focus is definitely on developers with the tag line “Let’s Build”. Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg in his keynote address, announced anonymous login for apps & a product for developers called Audience Network.

This new version of the login system for third-party apps, allows people to log in anonymously so they can demo apps before they provide their personal data. The new login also gives you total granular control over what data types you give an app. This also has cloud capabilities, so you can try it out on the iPhone and the iPad.


Facebook’s login service for mobile apps now offers users more fine-grained controls over what they share with an app. Starting today, users can’t just decide whether an app can publish to your news feed and what date it can read from it, but they will have very precise controls over what exactly gets shared. This will be exciting news for many users.


Facebook also went in depth with the Audience Network as expected. This is a mobile Ad network that the company has been testing with select clients since January. Facebook opened registration of the Audience Network Wednesday and promised to help app makers make money from their apps with the assistance of its 1 million advertisers. Audience Network lets marketers push their Facebook ads off the social network and into apps who sign up to participate in the network. Advertisers will also have more control over the tools.


The new Anonymous Login feature will begin rolling out in the next few weeks and people will indeed start feeling better.

If you missed the f8 Keynote, you can watch it below.

What do you think about this move by Facebook? Do you think this will make it more secure for everyone? We certainly do. Don’t forget to drop a comment down below, with your thoughts.