Swiftkey for Android goes Free with Premium Themes, Emoji and a lot more; iOS 8 version Coming Soon

Have you been looking for the Best Keyboard on Android? If you were, you might have already come across Swiftkey for Android, which topped the Top Paid Apps Chart on the Google Play Store, because it is a really good keyboard. It was $3.99 and now Swiftkey has decided to make it Free. Yes that’s right Free. A Premium Keyboard with a pack of features is Free. The Best Selling Keyboard App on Android is Free. Swiftkey had a trial version for free which only allowed users to use it for 30 days, and it is gone for good from the play store.

Swiftkey not only went free, but it for some new things added in to it like Premium Themes and Cool Emoji. The users who bought Swiftkey earlier will receive 10 premium Themes as a thank you gift which costs $4.99 for free (This is really awesome) and there are a ton more Themes to download for free and by paying at the Swiftkey store. Swiftkey has also changed the stock keyboard theme to a nicer looking version and we are impressed with that.

Swiftkey_Android_AndroDollar (1) Swiftkey_Android_AndroDollar (2) There is another feature that is new here, which is the dedicated number row on top just like Samsung has on it’s stock keyboard. This was a feature that was on the Beta for a long time and i see a lot of people using this daily because it is going to be just that awesome. Emoji has also been added to the latest version. It currently has over 800 emoji to choose from, all of which will now show up in the prediction bar. It’s going to be fun and colorful with this. Other things included in the update are, an improved prediction engine, Support for additional languages (Belarusian, Mongolian, Tatar, Uzbek, and Welsh) and Better flow trails.

sk5-blog-3_main That is a pretty amazing update isn’t it? It is going to be a pretty awesome expeereince for the people who havn’t tried swiftkey ever. So if you are one of them, download swiftkey from the Play Store Now !

Google Play Also Checkout these Videos by Swiftkey about the latest update,

Finally one more thing, Swiftkey is also coming to iOS 8. Since Apple allowed developers to make 3rd party keyboards it is going to be launched soon. They have a Register page for you to sign up to know the latest about this. Don’t forget to check it out here. It is going to be Superb when it hits iOS.

Swiftkey_iOS8_AndroDollarWhile you’re at it let us know what you think about Swiftkey Going Free and Swiftkey coming to iOS. Bold Move? Comment Section is all yours.

Source – Swiftkey