Sony plans to bring Curved Camera Sensors to improve image quality

Smartphone cameras are getting better and better everyday and We’re always hearing about some new trick to enhance camera sensor performance. HTC tried to use larger pixels with a low megapixel count to improve low light photography and Samsung has the ISOCELL Sensor that isolates individual pixels which gives a sharp image. Now it looks like Sony’s got a new sensor that’s making waves, using a curved CMOS element to more naturally and effectively gather light.curvediagramhalfcolumn

The problem with flat sensors like we have now is that not every point along their surface is equidistant from the lens – the center of the sensor is going to be slightly closer than the edges. As a result, we need larger lenses to compensate for this discrepancy. By moving to a curved sensor, Sony’s able to allow for the use of lenses that aren’t just thinner, but also able to let more light in, which would be dropping two birds with one stone.

Actually, the curved sensor benefits extend even further, offering unexpected bonuses like cutting down on CMOS dark current noise, improving image fidelity. Light sensitivity ends up improved by a factor of 1.4 to 2.

Sony’s developing these sensors for full-sized cameras, but also has a mobile version, which may find itself in future smartphones. While Sony’s not the first company to attempt a sensor design like this, it may be the first to commercialize it. We don’t have a proper ETA as well so we might have to wait.

Source – Spectrum