LEAKED : Sony Xperia Z3 and Z3 Compact Live Images and Screenshot

As promised earlier this year, it looks like Sony is working on a New Falgship. We think it will be called the Z3 by looking at the past trends. The First Leaked Photo of the Device appeared online today along with the smaller brother, the Z3 Compact.

What you see in the images above are allegedly exactly these two phones. On the left we have a side-by-side shot of a white Z3 and a black Z3 Compact, and on the right is just the Xperia Z3 itself, showing its entire front look.
Both devices seem to feature significantly smaller bezels on the side compared to their respective predecessors, which is definitely a great thing. The Device also seems to have quite a large area on top and bottom, we think that is not that nice anymore.

The Z3 will allegedly have the Snapdraggon 805 with 3 GB of Ram and The Z3 Compact will Snapdragon 801 with 2GB of RAM. Screensizes are not known properly yet, but we guess the Z3 to be over 5″with QHD resolution and the Z3 Compact to be around 4.5″ just like the Galaxy S5 Mini that launched earlier this week.

As for the camera, Sony might just use the Same 20.7MP rear sensor with its latest smartphone models but with better optics and software.

A screenshot of the About Device section of the Z3 Compact also leaked out earlier today, and this says the device will be running 4.4.2. We will like to see what improvements Sony has done to it’s UI. Take a look at it below.


So you should expect the Japanese company to unveil the successor to the Xperia Z2 sometime in the fall – probably at or around IFA at the beginning of September.

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Source – Weibo, DooMLoRD